4 Highly Rated Spa Treatments & Massage in Winter Park, CO

4 Highly Rated Spa Treatments & Massage in Winter Park, CO

Living in Winter Park is like a massage for the senses, as the area has endless vistas to inspire a sense of calm and well-being. But if you really want to take your sense of relaxation to the next level, consider any one of these well-reviewed spots in close proximity to many Winter Park condos.

Blue Sky Massage

This welcoming establishment at Blue Sky is ideal for a solo visit— also perfect for a “couple’s day out.” The spa offers a menu including both integrative and deep-tissue massage options. A prenatal massage is also on offer for expecting mothers. (Of course, expecting fathers might also benefit from the relaxation treatments here.)

Blue Sky also seeks to provide healthy skin care treatments, with its options for facials, dermaplaning, micro-dermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Facials at Blue Sky are targeted to the specific needs of clients, with organic and nutritive ingredients often deployed throughout the process. Many of the facials include cleansing and steam treatments, and some include exfoliation and extractions. There’s also a special facial on offer to help calm sensitive skin.
Dermaplaning is a process on offer at Blue Sky that shaves away the topmost layer of skin. This procedure can remove hair while making the skin appear more youthful in appearance. Micro-dermabrasion is an exfoliation procedure that gently “sands” the skin. This process can remove fine lines and acne scars. It can also serve as a treatment for acne. Microdermabrasion works to increase the collagen in the skin.
The decor at Blue Sky is soothing, with wooden bookshelves, soothing wall colors, and gentle lighting helping to create a special ambiance for your treatments. On TripAdvisor, one reviewer calls this place “a local staple for self-care,” and another reviewer lauds the abilities of the massage therapists to “take care of what ails you.”

Jill Suffin Body and Energy Works

With more than 40 years of working as a massage therapist, Jill Suffin comes to the table with a wealth of experience and expertise. Jill is proud to offer a “firm but kind” style of massage. You can opt for as intensive of an experience as you’d like, with offerings ranging from Swedish massage to trigger point therapy.
Swedish massage is an energetic massage that uses a variety of motions to achieve its goals. During your Swedish massage, Jill will perform actions such as tapping, rolling, and kneading. The massage will start with gentle strokes to prepare the system.
In Jill Suffin’s context, trigger point therapy is a process of release for tight, tense areas of the body. This type of massage therapy can work to loosen any short-term or longer-lasting “knots” in the body.
On Yelp, reviewer Morgan B. raves about Jill, saying that her massage was the “best 30 minute massage” she had ever gotten. Meanwhile, on Google reviews, Spencer England claims to “have never felt so relaxed” as after his massage with Jill.
If you’re in the mood to pay a visit with a friendly canine companion, you’ll really enjoy your visit with Jill. Her sweet adopted dog named “Buddy” is a new mainstay at the establishment, and he enjoys greeting new visitors. If you’re interested, Buddy can also join you as a companion throughout your massage session with Jill.

Alpenglow Massage

Friendly staff members and the soothing scent of essential oils will greet you at this Winter Park spa. Alpenglow is open 7 days a week, allowing you to enjoy their services regardless of your schedule. Residents of the area can also receive a “local’s discount” here with ID, which adds up to significant savings, especially if you plan to be a repeat customer throughout the year.

The service menu here is entirely unique, with massages that incorporate a variety of elements for a full range of therapy. Add-ons such as hot stones, melted shea butter, and essential oils add interest and variety to the massages. The full-range nature of these massages make them ideal for recovery and rejuvenation after athletic endeavors.
Alpenglow also offers foot massages and treatments, so your hardworking feet can get some attention, too. The foot massages additionally come with a head and scalp massage, allowing you to treat yourself from both ends during one rejuvenating session.

The owner of Alpenglow Massage is Tracey Windmill, who was a silver medalist at the World Massage Championships in 2018. Tracey is an incredibly experienced and professional masseuse. She prides herself on working in “3 dimensions” and she is an expert-level instructor in 3-dimensional bodywork.

Inner Peace Massage and Healing Services

Many townhomes in Winter Park are close to this well-reviewed establishment, which features a full menu of massage, skincare, and alternative treatments.

Massages at Inner Peace come with a variety of entertaining names, such as the “Sunshine on My Shoulders” (integrative massage), and “Some Like It Hot” (hot stone massage). If you’re interested in a form of massage that combines breathwork, stretching, and deep pressure, you’ll enjoy the Thai Yoga massage—also known as “Lazy Man’s yoga.”

If you want to combine your massage with a skincare treatment, consider the “Inner Peace Signature Treatment.” This 90-minute extravaganza of the senses includes a full body massage and a European mini-facial.
Clients here have amazing things to say about Emily, the owner. On Google reviews, Robert Moore emphasizes that he always leaves his sessions “feeling so much better” than when he started. Meanwhile, Bailey P. on Yelp shares that Emily was “calm and professional” throughout her massage experience.

Emily sometimes travels to Costa Rica, but if she’s not available for treatment, you can still enjoy a massage from one of her highly-skilled therapists, Monika or Sylvia.
Winter Park is an amazing, memorable place in which to relax. If you’re searching for land for sale in Winter Park, Colorado, or if you’d like to purchase some Winter Park, CO real estate, contact REALTOR® John Sanderson. John is highly knowledgeable about the area, and he enjoys advising buyers to help them make the best decisions for their long-term well-being.

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